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Hi friends! Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am a Color Enthusiast, Hair Educator, and I specialize in Extensions and Dimensional Color... often together, but sometimes separately. 😉 I often work on editorial, red carpet events, and bridal. I am also the creator/owner of Styled x Melissa.  My career has spanned nearly 15 years in the beauty industry. I've always been told I had an eye for design and fashion and found the beauty industry captivating, but was also intimidated by an industry that seemed out of reach for me. It took me a while, but I finally entered the world of beauty as a celebrity and editorial stylist. Fun fact: I used to ride and train horses! Fate allowed me the opportunity to reside as the Fashion Editor for the luxury magazine CVLUX for a period of time. It’s because of a passion to create, my love of fashion and beauty, and a drive to empower other women with a boost of confidence that I’m so driven in my career.   I separate myself from other stylists by always striving to offer solutions to women that maintain the integrity of their natural hair while elevating their self image. Staying on top of my education and latest hair trends is of the upmost importance to me. Pushing boundaries and growing my skill set is a lifestyle I put into practice daily. You’ll find me constantly investing in my career. I’ve collected numerous certifications, passed multiple examinations, as well as becoming a Regional Educator for Alter Ego Italy North America in December 2022. Color is my first love that and what drew me into this industry and since mastering the art of color I ventured into the world of hair extensions. My curiosity and passion for hair extensions started with a desire to find a solution to my own hair struggles. Never being able to achieve the color, cut, length, or volume I dreamed opened the door to my own journey with extensions. I found I wasn't alone with these hair struggles. I met and worked with many women that had a similar story and I wanted to make their hair dreams reality. After wearing different methods and becoming certified in more than a handful of different extensions methods, I found that it’s not a one size fits all. Yes, everyone can wear a hidden bead sew-in, and it’s amazing for my fine haired friends, but knowing how to apply the foundational principles of extensions and adjusting them for each guests needs is what drove me to offering solely a sew-in method. A concealed bead sew-in method joined together my love of color and the art of extensions leading me to offer a non-chemical service that fits just about everyone. Hidden bead sew-in extensions are a customized set of extensions tailored to your individual needs. Each set can be hand painted to ensure a seamless blend with your natural hair or we color match. I consider the strategies I employ to be the healthiest hair extensions option because of minimal points of attachments to your natural hair along with being virtually chemical free. I decided not to align myself with anyone particular method and become a strategist in the foundations of extensions because of the bad rap so many methods were creating. I honestly don’t believe the problems lie with the method. I always found that I loved parts of the methods from different companies, but I struggled to find one method that worked for all of my guests. Some were best for guests with already dense hair and some touted they were better for finer hair density guests. I felt companies had lost sight of the strategy of providing extensions on an individualized basis. Guess what? None of my clients could care less about what the method is, and weren’t banging down my doors for any one particular method. Unless I told them what method I was using, they had no idea and only wanted results that equated to great hair and a great experience. Making hair dreams come true is my passion but maintaining the health and integrity of your natural hair is equally important.  The hair extension industry is always evolving and I prides myself on staying up to date with the latest technology because no one size fits all. Have peace of mind that your natural hair will be cared for while enjoying a full array of luxury hidden bead sew-in hair extensions. I will take the time to sit down and discuss with you your hair goals and lifestyle needs and determine how to move forward to obtain the hair of your dreams.

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